Minecraft: Multiverse Portals Plugin Commands

This is sort of the third and (maybe) final part of my exploration into the world of the Multiverse plugins for the Craftbukkit server. This time We’ll look at the commands for listing, creating, modifying, and removing portals in your worlds.

List the Portals

/mvp list [WORLD]

Lists all the portals or if a world name is specified, list all portals in that world.

Creating a Portal

There are a few steps involved in creating a new portal:

1. Get a Wand

You need to select a region of blocks where the portal will be. To do that you’ll need a wand. Enter this command:

/mvp wand

This will put a wand into your inventory that you can use to select a region to create a portal. The default wand is a wooden axe.

2. Select the Region

With your wand (the wooden axe) in hand left-click the first point in the region you want to be a portal. You’ll see the coordinates of the block you clicked appear on the screen. Next right-click the opposite corner of the region. This region should be large enough for a player to walk through. I can be made out of anything you’d like. A portal can even be nothing! For instance, you could start with an rectangle of blocks and select them as your region. Once the selection is made you could then remove those blocks and the area is still selected even though there’s nothing there.

3. Create You Portal


You’ll need to enter a name for your new portal. If you have multiple worlds in might be wise to include the world name in the portal name. For example:


The second parameter, which is actually optional, is the destination, or where you want the portal to transport you to. This can be another world or another portal, even a portal on another world. For example you could say:

/mvp create World1_Portal1 p:World2_Portal1

…and this would create a portal that would transport you from World1 to Portal1 on World2. If you want to just be transported to another world enter the command like this:

/mvp create World1_Portal1 w:World2

This will create a portal that will transport you to the spawn point in World2.

It’s also possible to create a portal that will transport you to specific coordinates in a world. The command for that can be found on the Multiverse Portals Wiki Command Reference

Modifying a Portal

Sometimes you’ll need to modify the settings of a portal. Most often this is done to change the destination if you want to portal to transport you someplace new or if you didn’t set the destination when you created the portal. To change the destination of a portal enter this command:


For example, to change World1_Portal1 to transport you to World2_Portal3 you would enter this command:

/mvp modify dest p:World2_Portal3 -p World1_Portal1

The destination can be either a portal or a world.

Removing a Portal

Sometimes you just need to get rid of a portal that you created. Here’s the command:

/mvp remove {PORTAL_NAME}

For example, if you want to remove World2_Portal2 you would enter:

/mvp remove World2_Portal2

…and like magic it’s gone. Be careful with this command. There’s no undoing it after a portal is removed.

And that pretty much cover all the basic commands that you’ll need to know to get started with Multiverse Portals. There is much more information on the Multiverse Portals Plugin Wiki in case you need more information.

Good luck and happy transporting!

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  1. How do i give a specific kit when going through the portal , But when they want to go back to server hub they do not take there stuff with them

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