Hey, that's me!Tony Fardella has had a varied career working with computers. He has been working in the computer industry for 25 years  building networks, managing servers, doing programming and web development. He worked in the consumer software industry at Broderbund Software with jobs there including managing Technical Support, building product prototypes and managing the IT department. He has also been IT manager at TravelSmith Outfitters and Fotiva.

He is currently doing web development and server wrangling for a project called SportsDashboards as well as other computer, network and web consulting job that come along. He’s curious about most everything and currently having fun learning to restore old tube amplifiers and fountain pens. He loves music and plays bass guitar (with an emphasis on the word ‘play’ as after 30 years he should be much better at it than he is). He also has a strange fondness for book binding and paper that he thinks could be related to some past life experience. He occasionally blogs at here at www.wirelesswombat.com and tfardella.wordpress.com. You may also want to check out another project I worked on recently: ActivityCalc.com.