Automatically Compling SASS / Compass in Eclipse / Zend Studio

Recently I was tasked with figuring out how to use SASS and Compass in a project I was working on. SASS adds all kinds of new capabilities to your CSS files such as variables, nested rules, selector inheritance, and more. Compass builds upon SASS by adding some very useful libraries. To learn more about them go to:

In the project I’m working on we happen to use the Zend Studio which is built on the Eclipse IDE. Normally when working with SASS / Compass you need to open a terminal window and enter a command to “watch” your .scss files. That way when a file changed it would automatically compile it into a .css file. Being lazy by nature I didn’t like the idea of having to open a separate terminal window in addition to launching the IDE to do compile the files so I figured I should be able use Ant to handle this task. It took a bit of research and some fiddling but I finally figured it out. Now every time I change one of my .scss files it is automatically compiled into a .css file. I’m a happy camper! Continue reading